Global Learning Programme Wales

Pupil outcomes

The GLP-W helps pupils to learn about the world around them, gaining understanding about global poverty and international development, and developing the skills to interpret that knowledge and make their own judgements.

To achieve this, the GLP-W encourages schools to engage pupils in activities and approaches which will achieve the following outcomes:

 In this way pupils will:

Linking GLP-W themes and pupil outcomes

GLP-W themes

GLP-W Pupil Outcomes

Developing countries 

  • understand the concept of development

Global poverty reduction 

  • understand a range of common approaches to increasing social justice
  • have explored different approaches to aid, for example a charitable giving approach to development and that motivated by social justice


  • understand their role in a globalised society and the concept of globalisation


  • understand the concept of interdependence


  • understand the concept of sustainability
  • have examined a range of common approaches to increasing sustainability

Enquiry and critical thinking 

  • have an increased capacity for critical thinking and analysis

Using the global learning pupil outcomes

The pupil outcomes guide teachers in planning activities across the school to engage their pupils in global learning. These learning activities could be in different subjects, extra-curricular time or whole school activities. The GLP-W curriculum framework helps schools to introduce the GLP-W themes in subject areas.