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The GLP-W has a strong focus on developing pupils’ understanding of approaches to reducing global poverty through development. The past decades have seen the world making strong progress in development, with millions lifted out of poverty, albeit alongside growing inequality in many countries.  However worldwide over 1 billion people currently still live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day. Ending extreme poverty is a key aim of the international development agenda, and the focus of the Millennium Development Goals

This leaves us with something of a dilemma: how much emphasis should the fact of global poverty have in our teaching (i.e. do we risk reinforcing stereotypical views about people and places) compared with global progress and success stories in development?  And of course consideration of global poverty may well raise issues about poverty and inequality closer to home.

When tackling this complex topic there are opportunities for using personal stories to build understanding of fairness and the commonality between people and the challenges they face, as well as considering concrete and practical ways people, communities and governments have improved the quality of life through development. There are strong  links with developing the idea of interdependence.

The GLP-W emphasises that pupils consider different arguments and voices, including comparing charitable compared with social justice approaches, including the role of development aid. This concept also creates opportunities for pupils to develop their own opinions in an informed way, so there are close links with the development of critical thinking.

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Contexts for investigation (from ESDGC A Common Understanding for Schools, Welsh Government guidance):

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GLP-W school examples will be available shortly.

Curriculum links

Welsh policy context:

  • Poverty reduction; promoting people’s quality of life in Wales;
  • Healthy, productive people and vibrant, inclusive communities.

ESDGC Themes:


  • Identity and culture
  • Choices and decisions

Curriculum Cymreig:


  • Visiting and researching examples of past and present economic activity.