Global Learning Programme Wales

Personal & Social Education

Global Learning and PSE

Personal and social education (PSE), a statutory part of the curriculum in Wales, makes an important cross-curricular contribution to global learning as it helps pupils consider themes such as globalisation and interdependence, sustainability and particularly critical thinking

PSE themes underpin global learning in many schools. Topics such as energy use, climate change, loss of biodiversity and the impact of global poverty are brought to life, understood, acted upon and evidenced through actions by pupils whilst at school and through their lives in the wider community.

PSE knowledge and themes

Active citizenship

This theme enables pupils to develop a practical understanding of their rights and of the links between political decisions and their own lives.  They gain an understanding of the inequalities that affect the quality of life, learn how to deal with conflict and challenge stereotyping and prejudice.  Pupils learn what it means to be members of communities, from local through national to global, and can be helped to play a meaningful and active part in them. In PSE they:

Preparing for lifelong learning

This theme equips pupils for educational and life choices. This includes developing the basic practical skills needed for daily life.  For example, pupils are able to develop their understanding of the economic and ethical consequences of personal financial decision making as a consumer e.g. the merits, or otherwise, of Fairtrade.

Sustainable development and global citizenship

Pupils develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to participate in decision-making individually and collectively, both locally and globally, that will improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future. They develop understanding of the global forces which shape their lives and the skills to challenge injustice and inequality that will help them contribute a more equitable, sustainable world. Pupils learn about:

PSE skills

Successful relationships demand competent interpersonal skills, a willingness to value others and respect difference. Good relationships are the result of care and support, communication and the willingness to accept responsibility.

PSE Attitudes and values

Developing their understanding of global learning themes help pupils to consider and experience values such as respect, fairness and responsibility, and to reflect on and apply their own personal values and beliefs. They are helped to develop a personal code of morality, and the decision-making skills necessary to make reasoned and responsible moral judgments.

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