Global Learning Programme Wales

Lesotho Dams and Tryweryn

This resource has been developed to add a global aspect to studying Tryweryn, or a local aspect to studying Lesotho. 

Lesotho dams

Dams are being built in Lesotho to provide water for South Africa, mirroring Tryweryn but on a larger scale and 50 years later. The role play allows pupils to take on the role of parties involved in this contemporary issue. There is a simple powerpoint to use as an introduction to the dams project. You may wish your pupils to research more before the role play.

Introductory Powerpoint

Role Play 

Tryweryn and Lesotho Quotations

A set of quotations from both Lesotho and Tryweryn. Pupils decide where they think the quotation comes from.

Quotation Activity

The new curriculum:

These activities contribute towards pupils becoming ‘ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world’ particularly by: