Global Learning Programme Wales

United Purpose

Linked to live projects tackling poverty in thirteen countries around the world, our CPD will build teachers’ knowledge of global issues and provide practical ideas and strategies to explore these in the classroom, cultivate critical thinking skills and strengthen pupils  ‘bigger than self’ values’.

Training can cover a range of key global topics linked to our ‘Hands UP’ workshops and overseas projects. These cover: water, health, hygiene & sanitation; energy use, climate change & the environment; food security, nutrition & migration.

Training can be tailored to your needs and will draw on 20 years’ experience delivering Global Citizenship projects designed to inspire action on global issues and build a fairer, healthier more sustainable world for all. 

Training will draw on 40 years of learning and experience reducing global poverty in Africa, Asia and South America – improving the lives of 35 million people through sustainable, innovative and intelligent development projects. Critical thinking is a core element of our Dev Ed work. Our aim is to enable young people to test assumptions and narratives in the mainstream media and explore the complex debates surrounding global issues. We utilise the voices and perspectives of communities we work with overseas because the types of ‘knowledge’ that we use and prioritise have a huge bearing on the formation of opinions and subsequent actions. We are committed to giving young people the skills to critique ‘knowledge’ better.

Is the training available in Welsh? No
Audience SLT, KS2 & KS3 Teachers & Governors
Regional Availability All Wales
Training Format

Whole day, half day, twilight

GLP-W Curriculum Framework Themes
  • ways to reduce global poverty and the merits of these different 
  • Interdependence
  • Sustainability
  • Critical Thinking

 For details about the cost of training and how it can support your school, and/or school networks to improve global learning practice, please contact the Provider directly:

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Jo Davies 01432 355111