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Hold your own United Nations Climate Change Conference!


The 2018 UN Climate Change Conference, also called the COP24 conference, begins in Katowice, Poland on 3rd December 2018. The UN’s aim is to hold countries to their binding agreements to reduce emissions that will help the world move to a low-carbon future.

The Global Learning Programme has produced this resource to support schools wishing to use this as an opportunity to investigate climate change, and at the same time focusing pupils’ thinking on ideas such as development, sustainability and interdependence.

The resource includes support to prepare for, run and follow up a school climate change conference, including investigating the religious dimensions of sustainability, and is adaptable if you wish to run similar activities after 2018.

Learning objectives

This resource is targeted at Key Stages 2 and 3. It will particularly support teachers in developing:


Activity 1: Your school’s climate change conference

A number of schools already run Model UN Conferences; there is already extensive support for the format on the United Nations Association UK website.

A Global Learning Programme Expert Centre on the Isle of Wight ran a Climate Change Conference as part of a Key Stage 2 to 3 transition project: you’ll find more details here.

The Met Office has also prepared activities to support a climate change conference, primarily for older pupils. It includes detailed country resources, support for negotiations and greater structure for the conference:

The introductory video might also be useful:

Preparation phase

To participate fully in their school conference, it is important that pupils take part from a position of knowledge and understanding, including about climate change; the implications for different countries at the conference; and the role of the UN, together with awareness of how a conference might work.

Investigating climate change, and the implications for countries:

Using the Climate change links resource:

Extension: Using the Climate Change Database, you could

Investigating the UN, and how their conference might work

You might use the PowerPoint™ Introduction to the Climate Change Conference to build up the big picture of the Conference:

Using the final slide of the PowerPoint™ Climate Change Conference Aims:

Conference phase

The Climate change country information sheets are designed to support pupils working in groups of about three to prepare for and take part in the conference. They have been prepared from a position of knowledge about possible approaches to the conference, although they cannot be taken as representing official policy.


Many of the preparation activities may also be appropriate ways to follow up specific questions raised by pupils during the conference. In addition, you could:

Follow-up ideas in the school and community

Countries at the Climate Change Conference will be making pledges to reduce emissions and take action: you might extend pupils’ understanding by investigating how the school, businesses or community is making similar adaptations to the challenges of climate change, for example:

Although it is adults who are responsible for climate change, some schools like to give pupils opportunities to get involved.

Activity 2: What can we learn from religious ideas about the environment?

You could follow up the conference by exploring some religious perspectives on environmental stewardship using these resources:

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Resource created by, Geographical Association, Oxfam, RE Today the Climate Change Coalition and for the Global Learning Programme-Wales.