Global Learning Programme Wales


Gyles Morris, Naturesbase, has wide ranging experience of designing challenging enquiry based curricula which both engage and challenge children and young people inside and outside of the classroom. He is a leading provider of INSET, providing lively, practical and  hands on training with accompanying comprehensive learning and teaching resources for all delegates. This training will be focused on KS2 and KS3 teachers and could include:

Developing a sustainable school  (All)

A Geographical Perspective of Sustainability (KS3)

Citizenship and globalisation (KS2/3)

Climate Change and sustainable futures (KS2/3)

Globalisation (KS2/3)

Using the school grounds to deliver challenging learning and teaching  across the curriculum: EYFS – Year 6

Creating sustainable school grounds – A practical exploration of the sustainable infrastructure at Naturesbase (All)

Gyles is a landscape architect and teacher, a founder Director of Naturesbase, an environmental education centre, he is a true example of someone who ‘walks the talk’ and has been training teachers and children in a variety of outdoor classroom settings and environments around the world for the past 23 years. As a result these courses are flexible to meet the needs of the organisation, can be hosted as outreach courses or hosted at Naturesbase Environmental Education Centre in Ceredigion.

Is the training available in Welsh? No
Audience SLT, KS2 & KS3 Teachers
Regional Availability All Wales
Training Format Whole day, half day

 For details about the cost of training and how it can support your school, and/or school networks to improve global learning practice, please contact the Provider directly:

Name                        Email                                            Telephone                 
Gyles Morris  07773 817058