Global Learning Programme Wales

Become a Network School

What is a Global Learning Programme Wales Network School? Why become one?

Global Learning Programme Wales (GLP-W) Network Schools are schools which are interested in developing global learning in the classroom, curriculum and through whole school activities. A Network School can have a range of experience in global learning – some may have established practice that they wish to broaden in their school while others may be completely new to global learning and eager to get started.

Network Schools are supported by a Lead School which acts as a hub for sharing knowledge and practice in global learning. The Lead School will work with up to 15 Network Schools for two years, arranging regular training and practice-sharing events and providing guidance to improve the application of global learning across schools in Wales.

Schools may see becoming a Network School as a natural development of their own work or as a means to enhance their global learning through accreditation such as the Rights Respecting Schools Award, International School Award, the Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Marks, and other awards.

Network Schools registered on the GLP-W will also have access to a vast range of resources to support the development of global learning such as lesson plans, curriculum planning tools, examples of practice and whole school activities drawn from other schools’ experience.


If you wish to become a Network School, you can search for a local Lead School (and request to join their network), alternatively, you can contact the Programme Co-ordinator at Schools may also be invited to join a network by a Lead School.

There are no specific criteria for how networks are formed. A Lead School may select its network from an existing Primary/Secondary cluster or its family of schools but this is not a requirement and Lead Schools are free to develop their networks as they see fit.

Audit and review

Your Global Learning Self Evaluation (GLSE) will show how strong your current practice in Global Learning is and guide you towards resources and tools to improve it. This process will be further supported by the guidance you receive from your Lead School. You can review your GLSE and see how you have progressed and receive updated recommendations based on your new responses.