Global Learning Programme Wales


Global Learning and Welsh

Welsh contributes to global learning through language development, and its close association with culture and identity.  In turn, global learning is an excellent opportunity to develop language skills in a relevant context which pupils find engaging and motivating. 

Language is fundamental in helping pupils to explore and make sense of the world.  It develops the confidence in oracy, reading and writing that they need to investigate and communicate information, ideas, opinions and values, as well as to develop connections and relationships with other people and places.  Language is closely related to concept development so supports pupils' developing understanding of difficult ideas such as sustainability, as well as their growing ability to investigate and think critically, skills that are strongly supportive of pupils’ development as local, national, European and global citizens.

Welsh also contributes to global learning by developing pupils' awareness of the role and differing contributions of minority and global languages within society, so supporting tolerance and empathy through a growing regard for their own and other languages.  By drawing on their knowledge of Welsh, English and other languages, pupils have opportunities to see and hear different people talking, including those with different dialects, and to develop their regard for the intrinsic value of language within society. 

Because of the importance of the Welsh language to identity and belonging, it relates to Global Learning themes such as interdependence and sustainability.  As pupils better understand Wales' environmental and cultural diversity, language and rich traditions they can begin to make sense of how the country’s past has influenced the present and has implications for the future, and how the country connects to the wider world. By developing their appreciation of Welsh culture, they are better able to appreciate and be sympathetic to others.  

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