Global Learning Programme Wales

Curriculum support

The support provided by subject areas represents an important opportunity for embedding global learning in the life of a school: in the GLP-W this is focused on Key Stages 2 and 3. The GLP-W is developing a range of ideas, guidance, subject exemplification and case studies, together with: recommended teaching and learning resources to enhance your understanding and your teaching of global learning.

As a ‘by schools, for schools’ model, the GLP-W encourages teachers to share good practice in global learning. The CPD sessions delivered by the programme and by GLP-W Lead Schools for school networks will enable you to understand and question what constitutes effective teaching and learning in development education, so that you are better able to identify useful approaches and relevant resources. 

 The GLP-W website will also enable GLP-W coordinators and other teachers to share ideas and upload resources produced during the lifetime of the programme.