Global Learning Programme Wales

The policy context in Wales

Development education, global learning and the GLP-W

Over the years ‘Development Education’ has been described in different ways and developed though a wide range of programmes in the UK. The umbrella body for this area of work is Think Global – it has recently been using the term Global Learning. Within the GLP-W:

The GLP-W aims to build on schools’ existing work in this area, rather than introduce completely new ideas and principles. It is designed to draw on this knowledge and expertise through its model of school to school support, so supporting school improvement.

Why this area of education is important in Wales

Global Learning is important in the context of a nation with its distinctive educational priorities. It has a strong tradition in Wales, with a significant focus on global issues provided by Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC), while Curriculum Cymreig aims to foster in children and young people an understanding of an outward-looking and international Wales. Global Learning also:

So Global Learning has a strong connection with the Welsh Government’s emphasis on building a sustainable nation, making a contribution at a global level, and preparing young people in Wales for the challenges they will face in the 21st century.

Why this area of education is important to the UK government

The GLP is an approach supported in each of the four nations by the UK government. It believes that every child growing up in the UK should have the opportunity to learn about the world around them, and to develop the knowledge and skills to make judgements about global poverty, its causes, and what can be done to reduce it. The Department for International Development recognises that there is an opportunity to achieve this by supporting schools to integrate global learning across the curriculum and through whole school approaches.