Global Learning Programme Wales

Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Become an accredited GLP Lead Practitioner

Global Learning Programme (GLP) Lead Practitioner accreditation is a unique CPD opportunity for all who lead practice in global learning and development education in their schools, providing a framework and structure to lead practitioners in other schools in these areas.

Why apply for GLP Lead Practitioner Accreditation?

If you are an outstanding practitioner who goes that extra mile to support and lead others in achieving excellence in the classroom within global learning (GL) and development education (DE), the GLP Lead Practitioner accreditation offers you professional recognition.

Benefits for practitioners

Becoming an accredited GLP Lead Practitioner provides:

Benefits for schools

Having a member of their team undertake the GLP Lead Practitioner accreditation as part of the programme provides schools with:

Applying for GLP Lead Practitioner accreditation

GLP-W Coordinators wishing to apply for Lead Practitioner accreditation will self-assess themselves against the ten key criteria for the role.

The ten criteria are defined within three interlinked areas:

Who can apply for Lead Practitioner status?

GLP Wales Coordinators are funded to undertake the accreditation to support their role of working with and developing the network of Network Schools. However, GLP-W Network Schools can also take part in this scheme by covering the cost of GLP-W Lead Practitioner accreditation from SSAT Ltd (£325 per applicant excluding VAT).

For how long is Lead Practitioner status valid?

Accreditation status lasts for three years. In order to ensure practice is current and that applicants remain working at their accredited level or above, they will need to reapply at the end of this three year period.

Further information

All GLP Wales Coordinators in Lead Schools will receive guidance about the GLP Lead Practitioner accreditation process when they attend their first training event.

Any GLP-W Coordinators in network schools who are interested in applying to become an accredited GLP-W Lead Practitioner can contact the team at, and can find more details on the iNET website.