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Learning about Interdependence

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GLP-W outcomes:

The idea of interdependence concerns the interconnections and links between people’s lives, places and environments, both locally and globally. Interdependence also relates to the idea of seeing people in other places as equal partners in development, from whom we have much to learn, and so it is closely linked to ideas about global citizenship and solidarity between peoples, as expressed in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

One of the best places to start learning about the world is in our local area: understanding connections in the local community and beyond helps develop awareness that what people do elsewhere affects us in Wales, as well as how the decisions we make can affect them, for example through patterns of consumption.

Key questions for investigation:

Contexts for investigation (from ESDGC A Common Understanding for School, Welsh Government guidance):

Foundation Phase

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Whole School case studies

Curriculum case studies

GLP-W school examples will be available shortly.

Curriculum links

Welsh policy context:

  • Healthy, productive people and vibrant, inclusive communities.

ESDGC Themes: 

  • Identity and culture
  • Choices and decisions.

Curriculum Cymreig:



  • Learning about past and present links with Europe and the wider world, using a range of scales of reference – local, regional, national, British, European and world.


  • Exploring the links between Wales, the UK, Europe and the wider world.