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Human rights and children's rights

A young boy working in a carpet  shop in Morocco © UN PhotosHuman rights are about treating all people with the equal dignity that they are entitled to as human beings. Every person in the world must be recognised as having the same worth and dignity without regard to such differences as ethnic origin, colour of skin, sex or beliefs. Working out what this principle means in terms of individual entitlements and needs has arguably been the most important advance of recent history.

Pupils care about human rights. They are keen to talk about fairness and justice, so providing a simple route into this topic. Relate human rights to what happens in schools. How are people treated? What are the rules? Who decides on the rules?

Expand out from pupils’ experiences in school to the widerWelsh or British society and from there to investigating human rights in other parts of the world. This helps connect what can be a huge topic to everyday lived experience.

Recommended reading

The following links and articles provide useful background information to help you teach about human rights and child rights:

Global Dimension: Human Rights Feature article exploring the issue of human rights.

Global Dimension: Poverty and Human Rights Feature article exploring how extreme poverty undermines human rights.

Global Dimension: Child Labour Feature article exploring the issue of child labour.

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about human rights and children's rights:

The Children's Commissioner for Wales resources include an interactive game about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Pupil Voice Wales has lots of advice, ideas and resources about pupil participation.

'Sitting on their Council, Standing up for their rights'  has a collection of twelve case studies about pupil participation in schools across Wales.

GLP-W resource: Children's Rights - ten ideas for teaching a global dimension to children's rights.

UNICEF resources: A range of resources for all key stages exploring children’s rights available in ENglish and Welsh.

International Slavery Museum: Contemporary Slavery Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 teaching resource

Global Sports International Slavery Museum: Contemporary Slavery:  Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pack exploring the links between major world sporting events, trade and global poverty

Anti-Slavery: Products of Slavery  Key Stage 3+ poster and website exploring 122 different products produced by forced labour

Oxfam: Children’s Rights A series of lesson plans on children’s rights for ages 8–10

Oxfam: Developing Rights A resource exploring rights around the world for ages 11–14

For further teaching resources search human rights and child rights on the Global Dimension site.