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Gender equality is one of the Millennium Development Goals illustrating the importance of the issue to the internationalA woman sets up a street storefront to sell household items in Honduras. She has built her business with the help of microcredit funds © UN Photo on flickr community. Around the world women have less access, for example, to education and better paid jobs and are rarely involved in decision making. At the same time many women have the responsibility for bringing up children, food production and looking after the extended family. For global development this inequality needs to be addressed. 

Gender inequality is a big issue, not just in other parts of the world but in the UK too. Challenging pupils to reflect on their experiences could be a way into this topic.

Recommended reading

The following links and articles provide useful background information to help you teach about gender equality and its importance for development:

Global Dimension: Fight Poverty, Educate Girls Feature article exploring how girls’ education can slow down population growth, and reduce poverty

Guardian: Global development + Gender  and The politics of gender A collection of articles on the Guardian global development website

The Independent: Best and worst places to be a woman A resource good for generating discussion; do you and your pupils agree?

SOS Children’s Villages: Our Africa - Women Some perspectives on women’s issues in Africa, including video clips

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about gender equality:

Plan UK: Sazia’s Story Key Stage 3 resource on the issue of early and forced marriage – see also Plan UK’s resource around International Day of the Girl

Bridges: Mothers Matter Key Stage 2 resource on maternal health

Oxfam: Climate Change, Poverty and Women Key Stage 3 resource exploring the human impact of climate change

Amnesty International: Women’s Rights resources Key Stage 3 resources exploring women’s rights worldwide

Oxfam: Explore Birth Rights Key Stage 3 resource comparing the experience of giving birth in the UK and Ghana

For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

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Key Stage 3

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