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Aid and relief

Aid to less economically developed countries comes in a variety of forms (arguably some are more helpful Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at a Tunisia Transit Camp © UN Photo on flickrthan others). Aid provides disaster relief as well as being part of longer-term development strategies. You can find more information about different types of aid in the teaching resources recommended below.

You could also approach this topic by looking at finance and debt. The majority of aid must be paid back with interest by the recipient countries, a system that has contributed to the difficulties faced by many less economically developed countries.

During and after an emergency, when aid and relief are in the news, pupils will ask questions. This is a good opportunity to introduce the topic. If pupils are fundraising for international development organisations, then make sure they understand the process fully by using this useful guide to fundraising for schools.

Recommended reading

The following article provides useful background information to help you explore the issues of aid and relief:

Guardian: Aid | Global Development  Aid-related articles on the Guardian global development pages

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about aid and relief:

Oxfam: Explore Overseas Aid  Presentation and activities for secondary pupils

CAFOD: Factsheets on Aid, Debt and Emergencies  Easy-to-read explanations for secondary pupils

GA: Water Water Everywhere Year 5 unit exploring the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Tsunami

UN: Stop Disasters Online simulation game for ages 9–16 from UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Islamic Relief: Building Lives Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 guide exploring the work of faith-based aid agencies

Young Shelterbox  Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 challenges around building shelters and dealing with disasters

Oxfam: Dealing with Disasters Key Stage 3 activities about why disasters happen, and what we can do to help

For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

Key Stage 2                    

Key Stage 3

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