Global Learning Programme Wales

Developing a whole school approach

A key aim of the Global Learning Programme Wales (GLP-W) is for schools to develop a whole school approach to global learning. Taking a whole school approach to global learning involves:

Case studies are available summarising how schools have used a whole school approach to support global learning.  

If your school still has some way to go to embed global learning, the GLP-W suggests that you use a plan-do-review process.  

Step 1. Review your current activities by completing the Global Learning Self Evaluation (GLSE). This will tell you how well global learning is embedded in your school and where there are areas for development. 

Step 2. Use the GLP-W Next Steps guidance generated by your answers to the GLSE. This helps your school to plan its global learning priorities.

Step 3. Using the Next Steps, prepare your school's GLP-W action plan, identifying your priorities and activities.

Step 4. Carry out activities to embed global learning. This includes working with your local GLP-W Lead School, CPD providers, and using ideas, resources and guidance from the GLP-W website. 

Step 5. Look at working with organisations who have whole school quality marks/awards which recognise your whole school approach to global learning.

Step 6. Review progress annually as part of your ongoing planning cycle by updating your school's GLSE.

To take your first step on the GLP-W, complete the Global Learning Self Evaluation. Please note you need to be registered and logged on to complete the Global Learning Self Evaluation.