Global Learning Programme Wales

How to get involved

How can my school get involved?

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to become part of the GLP-W.

Firstly, your school needs to consider its global learning aims and decide on what you hope to achieve by being a part of the GLP-W.

Each school joining the GLP-W identifies a member of staff to be their GLP-W Coordinator who will register you as a Network School.  As part of this process you will be able to identify your local Lead School.

After registering your school, your GLP-W Coordinator completes the Global Learning Self Evaluation (GLSE). This evaluation can be saved online and returned to, giving the Coordinator time to gather the necessary information. It will help to identify your school’s strengths in terms of global learning and highlight areas that require further work.

After completing the GLSE, you will receive a GLP-W ‘Next Steps’ summary. This will offer some practical suggestions for you to develop your school’s global learning provision. 

Then its time to get together with GLP-W Coordinators from other schools in your local network and start sharing ideas.