Global Learning Programme Wales

GLP-W Partners

The Global Learning Programme Wales is being delivered by the GLP-W Consortium which brings together organisations with complementary experience in supporting schools to develop global learning.

Education Development Trust

Education Development Trust manages GLP-W. Education Development Trust is a UK charity that exists to make a difference to the lives of learners throughout the world. Working with governments, schools and other partners, Education Development Trust strives to provide excellent education for all.

To provide participating schools with the ideal blend of knowledge, skills and experience, Education Development Trust is working with four partner organisations:

The Geographical Association

The Geographical Association (the GA) is the leading subject association for teachers of both primary and secondary geography. It provides professional support to members in over 60 countries worldwide, through its journals, website, publications, training courses and local networks. Based for many years at the University of Aberystwyth, today the Association supports hundreds of members in Wales, as well as the activities of a South Wales Branch and an education expert group for Wales. Within the GLP-Wales programme, the GA leads on curriculum guidance for schools, offers support to teachers and encourages local network activity.

SSAT and iNet

SSAT and its international arm iNet, is an independent educational membership organisation working with primary, secondary and special schools across the world.  Operating in Wales since 2007, iNet has a network of over 150 partner schools, and works with its members to develop and identify successful practice. They also have very close ties with the Welsh Government, regional consortia and a range of other educational establishments such as Universities.

We have always believed that teachers make pupils’ lives. The mission therefore is to help them to carry out this vital job even better, more confidently and more professionally than before. The work is focused on providing support and training in four main areas:

Think Global

Think Global is a charity that works to educate and engage people about global issues. Think Global supports the delivery of the GLP-W website; runs the Global Dimension website, which is a resources portal for all teachers engaged with global learning; and hosts a network of 10,000 UK teachers who are inspired to bring the world into their classrooms. 

Markit Training and Consultancy

Markit Training and Consultancy, a Wales-based organisation, has a track record of working successfully to support schools at national, regional and local levels in Wales and has considerable expertise in curriculum development. Markit's role is to provide global citizenship and wider curriculum advice with the delivery of GLP-W and communications guidance. Markit will also contribute to the evaluation of the impact of GLP-W.