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Global Learning and Numeracy

Numeracy refers to the application of mathematical understanding in daily activities at school, at home, at work, and in the community. Numeracy is more than teaching the rules and procedures of mathematics. It is the application of the skills learned in mathematics in a cross-curricular, real-world way.

Numeracy describes the set of skills needed to tackle real-world problems in a variety of situations by applying numerical reasoning, and then carrying out the mathematical procedures to find the solution. Numeracy is an essential life skill and pupils need to be able to apply this skill across the curriculum in different subject areas, and in real life contexts. They need numeracy to help them understand how the world is measured, represented, compared and how it changes and they need mathematical literacy to help them do this in reflective and critical ways. 

Global Learning is an excellent opportunity to develop numeracy skills in an authentic and relevant context which pupils find engaging and motivating.  Numeracy is particularly developed through the enquiry and critical thinking theme of global learning. 

What does numeracy through global learning look like in practice?

Numeracy exemplification materials and resources with a global learning component are available on the Welsh Government interactive LNF website.

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