Global Learning Programme Wales

Universal Children's Day - 20th November 2017

Why not celebrate Universal Children’s Day in Wales with these global learning resources?

Global Explorers (Key Stage 2) An interactive whiteboard resource from Christian Aid focused on the lives of children all over the world.

Everyone Counts (Key Stage 2) from Oxfam Education develops numeracy skills whilst exploring children’s lives from around the world. For more details from GLP-W click here.

More or Less Equal? (Key Stage 3) Oxfam Education’s comprehensive resource investigates the lives of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam. Using a range of engaging activities for literacy, numeracy and geography it explores the effects of poverty and develops understanding of inequality, whilst also promoting enquiry and critical thinking; for more details from GLP-W click here.

Children’s rights:

GLP-W feature page on children’s rights, including a wide range of resources and links

Children’s rights with a global dimension: choose from GLP-W’s ten ideas for developing a global dimension to some popular children’s rights.