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Learning about Globalisation

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The concept of globalisation is used in a wide range of different ways, sometimes closely linked with particular value systems, and so it is controversial. It is often used to describe the process by which the world is increasingly interconnected by economic activities across international borders. However other aspects of globalisation are sometimes underplayed, including human dimensions such as cultural exchange, population movements and decision-making, as is its opposite: localisation. Although many of these processes have been going on for centuries, what seems to distinguish globalisation in the 21st Century is the speed of change, often linked to the development of technology, and its widespread impacts on people and environments, both positive and negative. Globalisation affects all our lives here in Wales: it is one of the great forces – and debates – of our times.

Although the idea of globalisation is a complex one it can still be introduced in simple concrete ways, and through a range of subject and cross-curricular contexts, including geography, history, technology and others. Other concepts closely linked to the idea of globalisation include interdependence and development.

Key questions for investigation:


Contexts for investigation (from ESDGC A Common Understanding for Schools, Welsh Government guidance):

Foundation Phase

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

 Whole school case studies

Curriculum case studies

GLP-W school examples will be available shortly.

Curriculum links

Welsh policy context:

  • Promoting an advanced and innovative economy
  • Promoting the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and people’s quality of life in Wales.

ESDGC Themes:

  • Wealth and poverty
  • Consumption and waste
  • Choices and decisions.

Curriculum Cymreig:



  • Understanding the role played by Welsh industry and agriculture in shaping the economic, political and cultural character of Wales 
  • Learning how the development of resources and technology in the past and the present can change life in Wales 
  • Keeping abreast of new business enterprise and economic change in the local area and in Wales through the media and use of IT. 
  • Understanding the developing economic links between Wales, Europe and the wider world.


  • Celebrating the distinctive cultures, languages and traditions of Wales while respecting the values of other cultures.