Global Learning Programme Wales

Critical thinking

GLP-W outcomes:

The GLP-W has a strong focus on developing pupil’s knowledge and understanding of development, and in particular on exploring different approaches to reducing global poverty through development. This is an opportunity for pupils to develop their skills in enquiry and critical thinking by engaging with sometimes complex and controversial ideas – thus also developing their understanding, views and responses in an informed way. Many of the GLP-W subject-based case studies have a strong focus on enquiry and/or critical thinking.

In relation to global learning, enquiry and critical thinking might include:

Key questions for investigation:

Contexts for investigation (from ESDGC A Common Understanding for Schools, Welsh Government guidance):

Foundation Phase

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Whole School case studies

Curriculum case studies

GLP-W school case studies will be availble shortly.

Curriculum links

ESDGC skill development:

  • Developing thinking (plan, develop, reflect)
  • Developing communication.

ESDGC Theme:

  • Choices and decisions

Curriculum Cymreig:



  • Exploring current issues that affect the lives of people in Wales and the Welsh economy.